Malaysia My Second Home programme was first launched by Government of Malaysia in 2002, under the purview of Ministry Of Tourism Malaysia. The program was initiated to promote tourism industry in Malaysia as well as to attract individuals abroad to invest and to stay in Malaysia. Thus, the programme allows citizen of any recognised country to retire and reside in Malaysia. The programme also extends its benefit to those, who are interested for a long stay visit or spend extended periods in the country. Successful applicants are granted a multiple re-entry visa for a period of 10 years which is renewable subject to the validity period of their passport.


The programmed opens to all citizens from foreign nationals recognised by Malaysia regardless of race, religion, gender or age. Applicants are allowed to bring along their spouse and children below 18 years old.


Financial Condition

1. Applicants must show regular monthly income over RM10,000.00 equivalent and cash asset of over RM350,000.00 / RM500,000.00
2. Approved applicants must place fixed deposit of RM150,000.00/RM300,000.00 with a bank in Malaysia. This can be waived or reduced in certain circumstances
3. After one year, the amount of fixed deposit needs to remain RM100,000.00/RM150,000.00 throughout the validity of their MM2H visa


1. Approved applicants are not permitted to take full time employment in Malaysia
2. Approved applicants are allowed to invest in a local company
3. Approved applicants aged 50 above are allowed to take part time job in Malaysia

Medical Examination and Insurance

1. All applicants are required to undergo a medical examination in Malaysia
2. Approved applicants must possess a valid medical insurance policy


1. Long Stay Visa
2. Freehold property purchase
3. Tax-free offshore income
4. No inheritance tax
5. One tax-free car
6. Approval for a foreign maid


The application for the visa can be made directly to the MM2H Centre at Ministry of Tourism office in Putrajaya or get the assistance of an authorized agent. The list of authorised agents can be found on the Ministry of Tourism’s Website.

Kindly refer to MM2H website for further information. Website: