DR Seenivasagam Recreation Park

The park is located in the heart of Ipoh, formerly known as Coronation Park. It also known for its lush green landscape and beautiful garden. You can find recreational fields, a Japanese garden, an artificial lake filled with different kind of fish, jogging track, a potted plants nursery and a children’s playground here.

Admission is free


Japanese Garden

The Japanese garden located within Dr Seenivasagam Park at the heart of the city. It built as a symbol of friendship between Ipoh and Fukuoka, Japan. The garden opened officially to the public in 1995. The local in collaboration with the Japanese counterpart built the architectural landscape of the garden. The garden features a traditional style wooden bridge, a small Japanese house and a traditional Japanese Ornament. The landscape features variety species of tropical flowers, plants and trees including the quintessential Japanese bonsai plant and fishpond. The charming garden is among the most visited by the city dwellers and visitors. It known as the little Japan by the local residents.


Gunung Lang Recreational Park

Gunung Lang Recreational Park  is located 5km north of city centre. The park is nestled in the midst of limestone outcrops surmounted with lush greenery and it features natural cave and lake and man-made cascading waterfall. Across the lake, lies an inner landscaped park that is accessible only by boat. The inherent seclusion and tranquillity of the place provides a perfect retreat for family’s outings during the weekend.

Admission is free

Boat ride: RM3 Adult/RM2 Child


Sultan Abdul Aziz Park (Padang Polo)


The park located at Jalan Tambun adjacent to Chinese’s cemetery, known as “Padang Polo” to the local residents. The park is the most famous in Ipoh and frequently visited by the city dwellers during the weekend for outdoor activities and family outings. The beautiful park offers lush greenery and panoramic views of its surroundings. You can find jogging track, outdoor fitness facility, gazebo, reflexology path, recreational field, and a children’s playground here.

Admission: Free


Eco Park

The Eco Park located 5 kilometres south of Ipoh, it is privately own park managed by the Taiko Properties Sdn Bhd. The park is frequently visited by the local resident in its surroundings for outdoor activities. The scenery is breathtaking with a panoramic view of limestone hills. You can find jogging track, outdoor fitness facility, lake filled with different kind of fish, gazebo, lotus pond and a children’s playground here.

Admission: Free


Kledang Hill

Located 15 kilometres west of Ipoh, it takes 15-minutes drive from the city centre to the foothill of Bukit Kledang. It is a favourite hotspot for outdoor activities by the local residents. There is a paved way leading to the summit of Kledang Hill (Bukit Kledang) and if you are lucky you may have a close encounter with the wild life including long-tailed macaques and leaf monkey along the way. At the summit, you will enjoy the awe-inspiring view of the limestone outcrops that surround Ipoh. It is best to go early mornings or late afternoon since the weather condition suit for an outdoor activity.

Admission: Free