Sultan Idris Shah Mosque

One of its key architectural features is its minaret that rises some 125 feet above its mosaic-tiled domes.  Sultan Idris Shah Mosque or most popularity names is Stated Mosque is the biggest mosque in Perak.  It is a splendid symbol of Islam, the state’s official religion and its fine architecture exercises interest to both foreign and domestic tourists.  The mosque was named after Sultan Idris Shah II (1963-1984) in September 1978 in conjunction which his 54th birthday.   The mosque is sited in a large square near the Birch Memorial Clock Tower.  Located at Sultan Iskandar Road (Hugh Low Street).


India Mosque

The mosque is green and white is also known as the Mosque of The City as it is close to Padang Ipoh and School St. Machael’s at Ipoh of Perak. The history begins with the construction of this mosque in 1908. Its construction was initiated by Shaik Adam who was a leading Indian Muslim businessmen. He has led India employees fully in building this mosque. The cost of the mosque is square is $ 500,000. India Muslim Mosque architecture is very interesting because it combines the Mogul architecture, South India and the local.   Until now, this mosque is still used by the Muslim community in Ipoh, especially Indian Muslims.


Dato Panglima Kinta Mosque

The first mosque in Ipoh, was built by Dato Panglima Kinta is as memory of his principal wife who also passed.  It was located at Masjid Road (Hume Street) behind the mosque is Dato Panglima Kinta family Mausoleum.


Kampung Paloh Mosque

Masjid Kg. Paloh is one of the oldest mosques in Ipoh. Located at Jalan Datoh, it was built in 1912 by Wan Muhammad Saleh, superintendent of Penghulus and assistant collector of Land Revenue during the Frank Swettenham administration.

The construction was funded by 2 prominent wealthy people at that time, one of them is Long Kassim. As an appreciation to him, the administration of the mosque is handled by Long Kassim’s grandchildren until now.

The present structure has been extensively renovated but the original five-tiered minaret and mausoleum of its founder still remain in their original form. The mausoleum features a two-tiered gabled roof and its enclosure comprises a half-wall with balustrades. It stands next to the mosque.


Azlan Shah Mosque

This mosque is inaugurated in 5 Zulhijjah 1415H.  Equivalent to 5th May 1995 by DYMM Seri’s Paduka Sultan Of Perak, Sultan Azlan Muhibbuddin Shah Ibni Sultan Late Yusof Izzuddin Shah Ghafarullahulah.  This mosque begins to set up his time prayer in time noon (18/12/1993) equivalent to 2 Rejab 1414 (Saturday).  It was built on 16.06.1991 and totally completed in 15.12.1993.  This construction expenses to build up this mosque is RM7.5 million and it is located at Raja Musa Mahadi Road.