Church Of Our Lady Of Lourdes


The church was designed in Gothic Architecture with a belfry bell tower in front and a gallery to accommodate the choir. The plan was in the form of a cross with a main body and two wings to provide comfortable seating capacity for 1,500 persons. The structure is reinforced concrete framed building with brick walls and the wings on either side contain two concealed confessionals to provide undisturbed privacy between priest and penitent. The internal pillars have been avoided by providing steel trusses on the top. The absence of pillars provide greater visibility to follow the service at the main altar from any position within the building.

45, Silbin Road

30400 Ipoh

Tel:   +605-527 9349 / +605-527 6671



St. Micheal’s Church


St. Micheal’s Church holds the distinction of being the first Christian Church to be built in Ipoh. It began humbly in 1890 with a few parishioners, mainly Chinese settlers in the Kinta Valley. Fr. Emile Barillon (MEP) (1890-1892), a French missionary priest, was the church’s first parish priest. The church building was originally a simple wooden structure, built on the exact spot of the present Main Convent school hall.


25, Church Road

30300 Ipoh

Tel:   +605-254 0176



St. John The Divine

St. John the Divine church was built in 1912 and it was the largest church in Malaysia.  Located at St. John Road, Reverend J.P Parry saw to the erecting of this Anglican Church Building.  During the Japanese occupation, the church was regarded as enemy property and was converted into noodle for some month.

St. John Road

30200 Ipoh

Tel:   +605-254 8146