Lenggong Valley – World Heritage Site

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Archaeological Gallery of the Lenggong Valley
Department of National Heritage
Kota Tampan Lenggong
33400 Perak Darul Ridzuan.

Tel: +605-7679700
Website: www.lenggong.heritage.gov.my

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Situated in the lush Lenggong Valley, the property includes four archaeological sites in two clusters, which span close to 2 million years, one of the longest records of early man in a single locality, and the oldest outside the African continent. It features open-air and cave sites with Paleolithic tool workshops, evidence of early technology. The number of sites found in the relatively contained area suggests the presence of a fairly large, semi-sedentary population with cultural remains from the Paleolithic, Neolithic and Metal ages. UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Culture Organization) listed the Lenggong Valley as a World Heritage Site on 30 June 2012.  This proven the civilization of Malaysia which had existed for more than 11,000 years ago with the findings of Perak Man in 2001 and Perak Women 2004.  It also believed to be exit route from Africa to Australia during the prehistoric years.  With the prehistoric traces, Lenggong is among the attraction of Perak’s tourism.